Ello – One more social networking site!

When we go to any mall, we see number of offers on many products. For attraction purpose, companies offer free stuff behind almost every next product we pick. And human psychology says we all love free stuffs, doesn’t matter whether it’s useful for us or not. Same principle also applies on online word.

While using online services like social networking sites, people usually hesitate to pay money to use any particular service unless it’s very important for them. Number of peoples who generally prefers free stuffs are really huge and to attract this crowd to use any particular service, companies tries to keep it free for their users. As an alternative for this, they choose to place ads on their online sites and generate the required revenue.

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3 Ways to get Free Images for your next blog post

If you’re fresher in blogging and not so familiar with online blog posting, chances are that you are in need of fundamental tools which help to improve and highlight your blog posts. One of such essential requirement is ‘Best suited Images’.

Image plays crucial role in emphasizing any blog post and make it worth readable. Your post with excellent content and very good writing might not be able to receive as much traffic as if when it contains some related image/s. Images catches reader’s attention much faster than words. Thus to get more readers for your blog post, you should start using images in post. Continue reading “3 Ways to get Free Images for your next blog post”

5 Drawbacks of Facebook that you might be neglecting

Facebook addiction is not new; maybe that’s why there are 1.28 billion monthly active users on Facebook.

No matter how much silly things one shares on Facebook, it instantly get spread across and receives even more silly comments. That means, person who initially post it on Facebook have nothing to do anything else but just want to get popular and other peoples who see it, like it, comment over it also unconsciously invest their time and energy in it. They just don’t realize what they actually doing and what should they expect to gain from it – which in this case, is nothing of course. Continue reading “5 Drawbacks of Facebook that you might be neglecting”

10 Common mistakes seen in ‘Comments’

If you are a passionate writer, blogger or columnist posting your content from long time then you must be aware with childish comments received on your post. When you’re posting publicly your audience could be anyone and thus there is possibility of receiving comments with one or more mistakes. If, however you’re new in blogging or going to comment on someone’s article and don’t know how to write good comments then this article is particularly for you.
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