Optimize Google+ posts to get more visibility and interaction

Usually making any post on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, people just focus on sharing something without paying much attention to the content or optimization of the post. This tendency persist on Google+ and that’s why for many newcomers who have lately started using Google+ find it hard to get their content noticed by their audience. The main cause behind it is, the way you publish your content. Your content could be anything like photography, article, blog etc. but it’ll get people’s attention only when posted in sophisticated manner. In other words, you should think like a skilled person and that should be seen in your posts. Continue reading “Optimize Google+ posts to get more visibility and interaction”

Best practice of re-share Google+ posts

When you see any post on Google+, first of all you +1 it if you like/appreciate it. Secondly you give complement/feedback in comments if the content in that post matters you more than just +1. Finally you re-share that post if you genuinely find it interesting and want to get that noticed by your followers too. However do you re-share it in proper way? Continue reading “Best practice of re-share Google+ posts”