Embed Google+ post on blogger

In previous post I talked about Google+ and WordPress.com integration and what new useful features you’re going see. Today I’m going explain the procedure of embedding any Google+ post on your Blogger’s site.

Recently Google+ brought Embedding feature for Google+ posts so that you can insert any desired Google+ post in your website, in your blog and like that. It acts in similar manner to embed feature provided by other media such as Twitter and Facebook, however Embedded Google+ posts looks more appealing than any other. Embedding Google+ posts on you site or blog post can make it easy to share any stuff from Google+ with simple link. This’ll also help to highlight any stuff from Google+; it can be your own or may be of other Google+ users, in your own site or blog without repeated typing. Continue reading “Embed Google+ post on blogger”

How to fill Google+ ‘About’ section?

There were many articles published, hundreds of posts were made by expert users of Google+ describing “How to use Google+” but, I think the confusion remains same for many peoples. It might be due to their long time addiction to Facebook, Twitter etc. When it comes to do something different and create a quality content, I’ve observed that normally people turn off at very first attempt. If you’re truly willing to do something new, then Google+ is definitely your first and easy platform to start with. Continue reading “How to fill Google+ ‘About’ section?”