Blogs of August – Second year!

It was started last year. Mike Elgan initiated this fantastic idea of considering Google+ as blogging platform and thus to give it a try, blogging entirely on Google+ for the month of August. I and other some peoples took that challenge. I had great experience of posting entirely on Google+. I continued to post on Google+ for rest of the year however; I also kept posting on this blog too. Continue reading “Blogs of August – Second year!”

Follow-up of ‘Blogs of August’ posts

As I did mentioned in my last post about blogging entirely on Google+ for the month of August, I’ve published couple of posts there and had very good experience.

In case if you’ve miss any of those posts, I’m going to list them here. Make sure to check them, +1, comment and share it with your followers. You can comment on original posts on Google+ or may comment over here; but while commenting here, refer to the post for which you are going to comment. Continue reading “Follow-up of ‘Blogs of August’ posts”