Google Authorship – Virtual identity provider for content writers

Do you remember old days when you Google for something and whole list of articles appears in return? You’ve to then decide from article headline or link from familiar magazine that which article you’re going to read and most importantly, to trust upon. It was little bit hard to tell whether that article content is trusted or not, is it original or copied from someone else until you go to particular article and read it to find it out. Continue reading “Google Authorship – Virtual identity provider for content writers”

One year of blogging!

When there is free time from daily routine and you just spend it doing nothing, you are actually running away from learning something new. Nobody is able to get back past moments, nor even a fraction of seconds. Thus when I got some free time from my daily schedule, I decided to write something on a blog. Today on 23rd June, it’s one year for my blog. Continue reading “One year of blogging!”

10 Common mistakes seen in ‘Comments’

If you are a passionate writer, blogger or columnist posting your content from long time then you must be aware with childish comments received on your post. When you’re posting publicly your audience could be anyone and thus there is possibility of receiving comments with one or more mistakes. If, however you’re new in blogging or going to comment on someone’s article and don’t know how to write good comments then this article is particularly for you.
Continue reading “10 Common mistakes seen in ‘Comments’”

What our wrist is telling us?

With advance technology, user demands and increased competition, there is huge growth in tech industry. Certainly, anyone’s mind-set is to obtain very possible new innovation and get more and more advantages in single tiny piece of gadget. Listening to these needs, thus, companies started to invent and manufacture new products – replacing landline telephones with wireless handsets, replacing physical keypads and small screen with bigger touch screen, and now these touch screen handsets with smartwatches. Continue reading “What our wrist is telling us?”

Claim your Google authorship

When you want some information about something, like to read any articles/blog posts or randomly search for anything on Google search, you probably know that some search results appears along with author’s name, photo and his number of followers on Google+. Such results attract user’s attention and perhaps give more specific information (not guaranteed). But how do these results appears in Google search results?

Those results appearing with Google+ profile image and byline are due to Google Authorship Program by Google. This authorship is beneficial for writers to finds their work quickly and helps audience to easily spot the original author. Continue reading “Claim your Google authorship”