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Now a day, building a virtual relationship is a common need and doesn’t require much affords. It helps individuals in many ways, like getting job opportunities, social advice, marketing your local/global business, increasing traffic to your site and blog and many more. As per your requirements there’re many social networking sites, blogs that makes it possible to you.

Over this page, I’m listing out the social networking services on which I’m present. You can catch me on any of the following networks and follow to build a good relationship. I’m always curious to try new things so, if I join to any new network I’ll eventually add them to the following list.

Stay Connected!

google_plus (2)Google+ – No more strangers!

This is perfect place to find me. I’m using Google+ from two years, it’s very amazing network to connect with peoples across the word, an ideal place to meet strangers. Particular features includes posting quality content with 100,000 characters,* sharing with limited circles or public or with communities, re-editing after posting, circling peoples, hangout with them, creating brand page etc.

twitter (2)Twitter – Just tweet anything!

A right place to tweet anything, anytime, anywhere. I use it to post links to the interesting articles on science, tech etc, updates about my blog posts, re-tweets and sometimes quotes that I like. Particular feature includes 140 characters posting, sharing with any followers or public and drawbacks includes no video calling, no after editing, no photo visibility etc.


 Facebook – Old buddies!

Facebook is now old style, having no considerable improvements. I’m not so active on Facebook but, kept it to be in contact with school friends who, of course not using Google+/other social networking platform. Feature involves 63,206 characters posts,* grouping posts with comments and responses and in long list of drawbacks, (theoretically) no after editing of posts, only one-to-one video call, by default displays small photo in posts, lots of ads etc.


 Pinterest – Place to find your pins!

 Pin your Interesting stuff in one place, so that it’ll be available for others (public) and for you (private) when required in any posts, presentation, graphs and project or simply as a collection for you. I’ve created various boards here to save some photos for further usage, promote my blog posts etc.


 LinkedIn – Be a professional!

Here comes your sincere and professional account. You can follow brands, companies, thought leaders and also search for any type of job you are willing to do. Your well organized profile along with resume improves your social status and makes it easy for recruiters to choose you. Feature includes free and premium account type, discover new peoples with similar interest and similar field, add connections via friend requests, upload resume, certificates, achievements, photos videos and other stuffs, current news and drawbacks includes small size image previews. You may connect with me on my professional LinkedIn network.


 MySpace – All about music!

 This place is especially dedicated to music lovers. Local music brands can connect with their fans over here, with updated and improved site design. You can listen online music, follow brands, favorite albums and can customize your profile. I’m here to enjoy music in free time and to connect with other music lovers.


 Foursquare – Find me!

 Foursquare is famous app to check-in your favorite spots, write review for places you visited, share tips etc. You can follow pages and can connect with friends, not just only those are nearby to you but also all around the world. I’m new on Foursquare, if you’re expert in this; your suggestions are always welcome and if you are also newbie, feel free to connect with me.


 Tumblr – Simple way to share anything!

 Tumblr is very simple blogging platform, no need to tailor all the thing necessary for regular blog like select theme, page designs, fonts etc. You can post anything that interests you e.g. photos, videos, quotes, text and more. You can create multiple blogs with same username. I’m also having my blog on Tumblr and occasionally shares some interesting posts also.


 Flickr – Lots of photos!

Flickr is a great place to discover and share photos. With cloud storage of 1TB for every individual, it’s awesome to keep all your photos in one place and make them available on any device, anywhere and anytime. Feature includes 1TB storage (wish anything else?), groups, set of photos, share and like photos, photo displays in large size etc. I usually post photos, snapshots and link to my some blog posts on Flickr.


If you’ve added me to any of the above mentioned network and want me to add you back, drop a message on respective network or simply email me specifying where you added me.


(*Source: What the plus! by Guy Kawasaki )

(Icons credit: )

3 thoughts on “Connect with Me

    1. Hello Joan,
      I’d like to help you. Share your problem/query in detail and I’ll try my best to give you right solution to it.
      You can also share your query on WordPress help forum; there are more chances to get answers from other wordpress users as well as wordpress expert’s team.


  1. Thank you for responding Jitu.
    I have two blogs under my account both with same problem.
    I am running WordPress 4.0
    My primary blog theme is Hemingway (not the new one)
    Secondary blog is Kelly premium

    1) When my blog is viewed on a mobile device my name (“posted by”) does not display, only the date posted and “comments #).

    How do I get my name as author to show up on mobile view? I would also like to remove the “comments #” from the byline. I would like to show only date and posted by with my name at the top of each post.

    2) How do I move the share buttons from bottom of mobile view to the top of post between the date/author and the post title/text?

    3) On my primary blog the subscribe option is not working. The widget is in place displaying the box to subscribe by email to receive my blog but I everyone who has tried to subscribe has not received the weekly posting or confirmation email. Is there a place I have to approve their subscription and if so where is that? Can i remove that feature where all subscribers are automatically approved?

    Thank you so much. As you can see I am a newbie and do not understand what you may consider the simplest things on working with blog features. I did try on the WordPress forum but no reply. I’m so ready to get this figured out as it is halting my progress.



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