What our wrist is telling us?

With advance technology, user demands and increased competition, there is huge growth in tech industry. Certainly, anyone’s mind-set is to obtain very possible new innovation and get more and more advantages in single tiny piece of gadget. Listening to these needs, thus, companies started to invent and manufacture new products – replacing landline telephones with wireless handsets, replacing physical keypads and small screen with bigger touch screen, and now these touch screen handsets with smartwatches. Continue reading “What our wrist is telling us?”

How much you are concerned about online privacy?

Online security
Online security

Is online anonymity important to you? How far are you willing to go to protect your privacy?

A report released by Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project says that most Internet users take some measures to cover their digital backsides, even though many believe that complete online anonymity remains out of reach. In a study, they interviewed 792 internet users and found that 86 percent have taken steps to erase the digital breadcrumbs of their online activity. The most common ways of doing this include: Clearing cookies and browser histories; deleting or editing something previously posted on a site or social network; setting browsers to disable or turn off cookies; and not using a Web site because it requests inputting a user’s real name. Continue reading “How much you are concerned about online privacy?”