About Me


About Me :

Just a regular science graduate. I’m a TechGeek, passionate about smartphones, social media, fashion and travelling . I’m a hobby photographer and also like to sketch sometimes.

Started writing on this blog since July-2013. I’m not professional or experienced writer so, you might encounter immature posts with some spelling/grammatical mistakes. I hope you’ll adjust with that and if possible, can suggest me corrections if any. I mainly write posts about Technology, Smartphones, Social media, Lifestyle and other relevant topics which I might find interesting.

Being a freelance blogger, I’ve opportunity to write my posts in free time without disturbing to daily schedule. Thus, presently I publish my posts only on Sundays. In case there’s anything special or important note which must be published only at that time, I might publish it in-between days. All-in-all, you’ll expect to see my posts on every Sunday, so don’t miss them!

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Blog is in Beta: use caution ;)

Stay In Touch:

To share each other’s views, get opinions/help and to increase network, it’s always beneficial to stay in touch with each other. There are lots of social networking sites which make it easy for us to get connected. I’m using any such services; however you can surely find me on Google+.

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Privacy policy :

All the posts published on this blog are soul property of the author. The views/comments that are shared in posts are of the author’s own and no other persons/brands/companies are necessarily bounded to agree with it. Don’t take any posts/views/comments as too serious or personal, it’ll be not author’s fault if you consider/understand them in wrong way.

The photographs taken by author holds ©Copyright of author and is soul property of author, using them for commercial/non-commercial (publishing, advertising and other) purposes in any form (copy, print and other), for any purpose without taking prior written permission from author will be treated as illegal act and may take that person/company in trouble. One might then have to take their breakfast with magistrate. Other photos posted here will be of course with their due credits, in case if the author doesn’t know the credits or mentioned them wrongly, kindly inform it to the author with proper reference.


Your opinion, suggestion and/or feedback is always welcome. Please leave your feedback on Feedback page.

Thank you! 🙂

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