Ello – One more social networking site!

When we go to any mall, we see number of offers on many products. For attraction purpose, companies offer free stuff behind almost every next product we pick. And human psychology says we all love free stuffs, doesn’t matter whether it’s useful for us or not. Same principle also applies on online word.

While using online services like social networking sites, people usually hesitate to pay money to use any particular service unless it’s very important for them. Number of peoples who generally prefers free stuffs are really huge and to attract this crowd to use any particular service, companies tries to keep it free for their users. As an alternative for this, they choose to place ads on their online sites and generate the required revenue.

What is Different with Ello?

This strategy is used by many social networking sites to keep their site running. To bring something new, few months ago a new social networking site was launched by group of seven programmers. It’s ‘Ello’. They says that this site just for peoples and no place for advertisers. ‘A site where people can interact with each other without any clutter of ads’ could be their motto behind launching this site. The site was private in initial stage but later they decided to grow its reach.

According to the resources, this site doesn’t share individual’s details with any third-party site or advertisers as well as not offer any promotional ads. Talking about the money, they don’t sell ads to make money. Instead it is said that they are thinking about occasionally offering paid features to their users in very small amount of money.

My profile on Ello (@jitendra_mulay)
My profile on Ello (@jitendra_mulay)

Features at a glance

The social networking site of Ello is still in its beta test phase.They’ve limited people’s access by keeping it ‘Invitation only’ at now but soon they’re talking to make it publicly open. That’s why, it’ll not proper to use hard and fast rules to criticize it. Many features are yet to come. But still I’ve tried to depict the rough idea about present site features here.

  • The present site design is quite plain and somewhat looks like a blog theme. To describe in particulars, a user can upload background image (1800×1013), profile image (340×340), can write a Bio, and provide links etc.
  • There is an option to make profile publicly visible (outside Ello network) or to keep it private (but visible to all in Ello network). At present, a post is shared with everyone and publicly visible i.e. no private/limited access sharing.
  • A user may get notified for new connections, comments, mentions etc. via email if he wants to or can change the preference from settings.
  • There is quick editing option to make letters bold, italic or provide hyperlink as well as there is auto-mention feature in comments.
  • The most recent update has given out the notification place on left side which includes all type of notifications.
  • Lots of features are missing here or may come in future updates. To name a few, there is no re-sharing option for post as well as no sharing buttons to share post on other social networking sites. No android/iOS app. No search bar and no hashtags.

Something to think about

Apart from this, one question that I’m asking myself (and anyone should) is – Why should I use this one more social network? Every social networking platform has some particular purpose behind it. Those platforms get famous due to the way they offer variety of services, unique and user-friendly design and its usefulness to end users. To give an example, YouTube is famous for video sharing and categorizing, Twitter is well-known for instant tweets in 140 characters, Pinterest is major in organizing images etc. To add more, Google+ is leading in providing smooth and clean social networking site with many ways to group peoples, different ways of sharing posts, detailed profile with integrated location information from Google Maps, video hangouts and many more.

Considering those platforms and unique services provided by them, it’s reasonable to expect something different from any newborn social networking site that wants to survive. However until now I didn’thit upon anything unique or something that’ll give a solid reason to use it. Bearing in mind that it’s ads-free and all, there is nothing new to catch up with or no distinctive way to present our regular post. There should be something new to attract peoples to use it.

Now a day there is very fine line between sharing anything just for fun/information purpose and to promote any content. The place of pure communication on social networking sites has been taken by self-promotion. Even if this new site doesn’tdisplay any paid-ads, users can still promote/sell their content by turning a post itself into an advertisement. So ‘The platform only for communication’ will no longer be just for communication.

Talking about the non-promotional posts or one can say, ‘exclusive’ type of posts, the main drawback would be lack of sharing buttons. To help user for his original post to get recognized by more crowd, spreading a word about it on other social networking sites is the best option. Sharing a link on each particular social network is quite time consuming.

Is it better?

To cut a long story short, there’s nothing new offered by Ello at now but since it’s still under construction maybe we can expect something in coming days. The team behind it could have better plans to reveal. Meanwhile if you wish, you can take a look at my profile on Ello – @jitendra_mulay (it’s not a self-promotion), I’m wandering there to figure out what’s new. I got invitation from my best friend Priya Sharma! She is a writer, passionate book reader as well as preeminent book reviewer, check out her profile too to read her beautiful posts. 🙂

In conclusion

Today’s social networking world is rapid growing with new ideas and innovative techniques each day. Everyone gets addicted at lightning fast speed to anything new brought to them and gets tired of on very next pulse of clock. Ello in this case, is surviving quite good but highly needs something different to offer its users to make an impression and generate large traffic. For the meantime, you must try out Ello and discover what new there for you.

What do you think? Comment your opinions, experience or questions/suggestions (if any) below.

Need more help? Write an email to me with detail explanation, I’ll try my best to answer your query.


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