3 Ways to get Free Images for your next blog post

If you’re fresher in blogging and not so familiar with online blog posting, chances are that you are in need of fundamental tools which help to improve and highlight your blog posts. One of such essential requirement is ‘Best suited Images’.

Image plays crucial role in emphasizing any blog post and make it worth readable. Your post with excellent content and very good writing might not be able to receive as much traffic as if when it contains some related image/s. Images catches reader’s attention much faster than words. Thus to get more readers for your blog post, you should start using images in post.

Now the question is – how to get such images? Images you are going to use in your posts must be your own property or have license to use them from its owner. You have to consider first the Creative Commons (CC) rules to use any image that is not yours.

So, here are 3 best ways to get free images:

►   Capture your own images –

Save earth
(©Jitendra Mulay)

The first and best way to get free images is to capture them yourself. That’s right! If you’ve images that are captured by you, then you can use them anywhere in the post. For your original images, neither you have to bother about cc nor about mentioning credits of anybody else. On plus side, you can mention your name (copyright) for that image.

To take your own shoots, you just need any camera (point & shoot, DSLR or even smartphone cameras will work too), any subject and a habit to shoot them anytime. Your subject of photograph can literally be anything. You can capture everyday stuffs seen at home or on the way to market. The main objective of this is to collect as much photos as you can, with no particular intentions of any post while shooting them. Later you can choose any matching reference image from that collection to use in your posts whenever it suits with the content.

►   Design your own images –

If you don’t have camera to capture your own images/don’t have that specific image you’re looking for or just want something different and creative, then you can create your own image as per the requirements. For this purpose you can use Paint, Photoshop or other free online tools to create such images or illustrations. Again, since such images are designed by you, you’ll not required to mentions other’s credits or to worry about CC rules.

►   Borrow from other sites –

Find Free Images

When nothing works, go for borrow to get the required images. There are plenty of sites offering royalty free images to use free under cc as well as to purchase them. Finding royalty free image is little tricky but not too hard. Here I’ve named some of the sites where you can find royalty free images to use in your post. Some of them require mentioning credits and some are not, so you’ll have to look for it.

List of some sites offering free images:

  1. Google Images SearchAs you must be familiar with Google Image Search, you might think that those images are free to use, but all of them are not. To get the images that are free to use/share, you’ve to go to ‘Advance Search’ option from top left corner and at the bottom you’ll find that option to get such images. By selecting appropriate preference, you’ll be able to only those images which are matching with that criterion.
  1. FlickrFlickr is also a good place to get free images under cc to use in your post. Varieties of size are available for many images. Not all images are free to use and credit mention is necessary, so you’ve to check this stuff before borrowing any image.
  1. PixabayHere is another site which offers free images in different sizes. You can find lots of images, clipart for variety of topics. They have now filters narrow down your search and thereby quickly get required images. Credit mention is not necessary.
  1. Free Digital PhotosThis site have thousands of images for each topic. A little downside here is you can get free images only for 400×300 in size (approx.), you’ll have make purchase for bigger size images. Also you’ll need to mention credits for all the free images. On the plus side, free images are without watermark.
  1. Creative Commons SearchThis site provides easy way to search free images across multiple free image proving sites. You have to enter your search query and then to choose search platform on which you want to search for free images. This site allows you to search on Flickr, Google Images, Pixabay, Wikimedia Commons and other such sites.
  1. Wikimedia CommonsWikimedia Commons, part of Wikimedia Foundation which a non-profit charitable organization, is also a better place to find free images. You can find lots of images, videos on different topics and can filter your search results by location, source, license etc. However check the license information below each image before using it.
  1. OpenclipartBesides regular images or illustrations, if you are looking for fancy and attractive clipart then this is like a treasure for you. Sometime clip arts are more effective than images you feature your point strongly. There are varieties of clip arts available on this site to download.

This is how I manage to get perfect image for all my blog posts thereby to make them more noticeable. There are still few other sites I’ve’ve gone through but didn’t get impressed too much, hence not mentioned about them.

What’s your preferred way to obtain best suited as well as free images for your blog posts? If you’ve some wonderful idea or know some other site/s which offers royalty free images to use, I’d like to hear about them.

In conclusion

Content alone looks lengthy, thus cannot get sufficient attention which it deserves. Images; however plays very important role in attracting more readers and making lengthy/complex writing worth readable. At the same time, one must consider image usage policies and shouldn’t violate the copyright rules in a rush to get any image. From such perspectives, I think this article will help you get free images very easily, thereby making your post more eye-catching.

What do you think? Comment your opinions, experience or questions/suggestions (if any) below.

Need more help? Write an email to me with detail explanation, I’ll try my best to answer your query.


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