Blogs of August – Second year!

It was started last year. Mike Elgan initiated this fantastic idea of considering Google+ as blogging platform and thus to give it a try, blogging entirely on Google+ for the month of August. I and other some peoples took that challenge. I had great experience of posting entirely on Google+. I continued to post on Google+ for rest of the year however; I also kept posting on this blog too.

To create a booming blog post all you need is a good content and fine portrayal of it. While reading blog, audience pays attention to quality content and not on how attractive your site layout is. Yes, design and site layout matters however, not to excel your single post but for other purposes.

I had analytical discussion (Read more: Do you think Google+ as blogging platform) about this and based that discussion plus my own experience, I draw the conclusion that – It depends. First you need to understand what is mean by a blog. If you think blog means creatively crafted lengthy train of words with stations of some images with a boost pack of some SEO tactics, then you’re certainly on wrong track. To know more about what blog is and how to blog, read more: The Last Social Blogging Guide You Will Ever Need

My experience of blogging on Google+ was awesome. That’s why I continued blogging on Google+ as well as on wordpress, each with different topics and writing style.

This year the trend is continuing and so I’m again participating in it. I’ll blog entirely on Google+ for the month of August. I’ve postponed my August blog posts and rescheduled to September. So you’ll not see me here for rest of the August but, you can come to Google+ to read my posts and to stay in touch with me.

You’ll also not receive my regular email notification for new blog posts for this blog. However if you wish to get notified for each new blog post on Google+, tell me and I’ll add you to my notification circle. Don’t worry; you can request to opt out at any time.

Blog on Plus

Waiting for your response. Be sure to circle Mike Elgan and Me to catch all the latest updates.

Let’s try something different! 🙂

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One thought on “Blogs of August – Second year!

  1. WillardBible

    Короче тут утилизация автомобилей



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