5 Drawbacks of Facebook that you might be neglecting

Facebook addiction is not new; maybe that’s why there are 1.28 billion monthly active users on Facebook.

No matter how much silly things one shares on Facebook, it instantly get spread across and receives even more silly comments. That means, person who initially post it on Facebook have nothing to do anything else but just want to get popular and other peoples who see it, like it, comment over it also unconsciously invest their time and energy in it. They just don’t realize what they actually doing and what should they expect to gain from it – which in this case, is nothing of course.

If you look at the home page of Facebook profile carefully, you’ll realize that it is lagging behind in many aspects compared to other social networking sites. Even though Facebook is updating their service, there are still some major drawbacks that you might be neglecting. Thus if you’re not using other social networking sites and only hanging around Facebook all the time, you’re definitely missing real user experience.

That’s why, here I’ve tried to summarize 5 important points in which Facebook is lagging behind in comparison with other social networking sites. Take a look and ask yourself, whether you are completely okay with it or you want something new.

Facebook drawbacks
5 Drawbacks of Facebook
  1. Jumbled layout

The left hand side of the site is dedicated to display lists, apps, groups and other categories which are always open. On the right hand side of the site there is friends list that you may want to chat with, which is again, always open (even when you turn off the chat, it just gets dim but still there). To the left side of this friends list, there is continuous display of news, ads and friend/page/group suggestions, no matter user want to see it or not. Now what space remains is gloomily given for posts. All n all, the layout it very jumbled and people can easily get distracted when reading any post.

Talking about other sites, Google+ has given large and clutter free space for posts. They’ve created Menu and Hangout options to open on request (on mouse hover/click) which makes their site layout look simplified. Similar features are present on LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social networking sites.

  1. Smaller image size

When someone share any article on Facebook that contains any image, it render in smaller size. This makes it sometimes difficult to see it and thus peoples have to visit that site to see it in full size. In one aspect, it helps to save some space but it does not help to attract more visitors.

On the other hand, Google+ displays article image in large size so that images like infographics, charts etc. can be seen easily before going to actual article link. This is also effective to attract more visitors to that site.

  1. Too much ads and suggestions

There is no setting provided to users in order to control what ads or suggestions they want to see or not. Facebook has enforced their users to see all ads (7 at a time), news, friend/page/ group suggestions etc. even if users don’t want to see it. Such ads are present everywhere on Facebook. If a user is not interested in any ads, news or suggestions that are displayed to him, he can close each of them individually but another one appears next time. Users can’t get rid of them.

There are no ads or such thing on Google+, Pinterest. This makes site layout as well as user experience even better. Ads on LinkedIn are very few compare to Facebook and are mostly related for professionals.

  1. Not for strangers

Facebook is actually meant to connect with friends, family and people in user’s contact. Facebook friends suggestions also displays mostly known contacts i.e. peoples with at least someone in common for both users. That’s why it doesn’t give opportunity to meet new peoples (total stranger) but shares common interests.

Google+ is fully devoted to meet strangers with common interests. Anyone can follow anybody that he finds interesting person, see his posts and start interacting with him. Peoples are not necessarily had to know each other but can get to know each other and make new friends. Speaking about LinkedIn, since it’s a professional platform, it’s inappropriate to send request to any random person. However, there are chances to get connected with peoples working in same field, talking about same subject etc. and thus one can grow his professional contacts.

  1. Privacy concern

Facebook remain always hot topic of debate whenever it comes to online privacy issues. Facebook’s privacy settings are not so clear as well as have many loopholes in their privacy policy so that they can use user’s data according to their requirements. Their newly undertaken WhatsApp app can read user’s private message and Facebook have easy access to them.

New: The latest bad emotional experiment that Facebook did by manipulating user’s data without user’s permission is a fresh example which shows Facebook uses user’s data whenever they want and thus it is not as secure as one might be thinking.

There were no such spicy news regarding user’s privacy issues with other social networking sites like Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

Comparing these points with other social networking sites clearly shows that other social networking sites have made notable improvements to their sites as compare to Facebook. Facebook has gone far behind and nothing has improved to impress their users. To give an example, you can check new profile look of twitter (Check out my profile – @JitendraMulay ), superior layout and improved features on Google+ (Check out my profile – +JitendraMulay ) etc.

If you still think that Facebook have no drawbacks and you’re not missing anything, I highly recommend you to give a try to Google+ to know it yourself. Google+ have far better solutions to above mentioned drawbacks, plus it has awesome layout, no mess of ads, better engagement option with others, 2-step authentication with transparent privacy policy and many more features which take user’s social networking experience on next level. Here are some helpful articles if you want to know more about how to get started on Google+:

In conclusion

Advancement is essential when it comes to new technology or social networking. Lots of new features get added to different social networking sites, privacy policies get updated and thereby user experience and expectations also get high. Facebook however seems still dwelling in old time with no innovative features and thereby making user experience less satisfying.

What do you think? Comment your opinions, experience or questions/suggestions (if any) below.

Need more help? Write an email to me with detail explanation, I’ll try my best to answer your query.


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