Google Authorship – Virtual identity provider for content writers

Do you remember old days when you Google for something and whole list of articles appears in return? You’ve to then decide from article headline or link from familiar magazine that which article you’re going to read and most importantly, to trust upon. It was little bit hard to tell whether that article content is trusted or not, is it original or copied from someone else until you go to particular article and read it to find it out.

Google then took efforts to modify their algorithm to bring out most trustable resources in Google search results. Google authorship was introduced to set up a valid connection between a writer and his web content. By doing this, writer claims their rights on their web content and thus takes further responsibilities.

Claiming Google authorship creates virtual identity that can be trusted as it relates directly with real person or real business. It’s also beneficial for writers to finds their work quickly and helps audience to easily spot the original author.

Idea behind this program is very simple. A writer who is writing his content anywhere across the web can sign-in to his Google+ account and link up this account to all his websites/blog etc. That’s it! Here after Google’s algorithm performs the rest of work. If your web content is your original work, have used some SEO tactics (but not necessary) and matches with users search query, then it may appear in Google search result with your Google+ profile image, author byline and also, Google+ followers count.

Online writers should claim their Google authorship
Online writers should claim their Google authorship

Benefits of claiming Google authorship

  1. Create your identity

Google authorship verifies your Google+ profile name with byline name on your web content and displays it in Google search results along with your Google+ profile image. In this way, Google authorship helps you to establish your virtual identity to all of your web content. It also helps to not get confused between two or more authors with similar names.

  1. Get your credits

Google authorship verifies an author for their published web content (article/blog etc.) and thus you are receiving your credits for original work. If someone tries copy your content, you’ll show that you are the only verified author for that work and thus, people can easily spot original work against copied one.

  1. Trust factor

To trust upon anyone in online world is very difficult and so on their content. Google authorship leads a hand here to build trust between an author and his audience. A properly established Google authorship could tell you that the person have his Google+ profile with a profile image, have same name both on Google+ profile and on website/blog. People can instantly visit author’s Google+ profile to find out more about him, how active he is there etc. This trust factor is vital point in online world both for author as well as audience and Google authorship helps to raise this trust factor.

  1. Boost your visibility

In Google search results, links with Google authorship appears with author profile image and others not. As a results, such links with images easily gains people’s attention as compare to links without image. This helps to increase your content visibility and eventually to raise your author rank.

  1. Create a center of attention

In the jumble of words, smiling face always succeed in catching people’s eye towards it. Google authorship displays author’s Google+ profile image for his article/blog etc. that appear in Google search result. Profile image (provided it’s your clear headshot and not anything else) helps people to trust you more than others who are not yet established their authorship.

  1. Know more about author

Google authorship byline points at author’s Google+ profile. Reader can visit this profile to find out more about that author, how active he is there, what kind of posts he shares etc. If the reader finds that stuff interesting enough for him, he can simply add that author to his Google+ circle in order to interact with him.

So if you’re a writer who is writing something somewhere on web and haven’t claimed your Google authorship yet, I think now you must be clear why Google authorship is important for your web content, thereby for you to establish trustable relationship with your audience. If you don’t know the procedure to claim Google authorship/have any doubts regarding it, read more here – Claim your Google Authorship

In conclusion

Building virtual identity and gaining people’s trust is very important for online writers. Google’s authorship program in this sense is better initiative that’ll be beneficial for all personal as well as brand writers. Thus, if you’re writing something somewhere in online world, (website, blog, magazine etc.) then you must claim your Google authorship and see its benefits by yourself.

What do you think? Comment your opinions, experience or questions/suggestions (if any) below.

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