One year of blogging!

When there is free time from daily routine and you just spend it doing nothing, you are actually running away from learning something new. Nobody is able to get back past moments, nor even a fraction of seconds. Thus when I got some free time from my daily schedule, I decided to write something on a blog. Today on 23rd June, it’s one year for my blog.

When I decided to write on my blog, I had no idea what topics I’m going to choice, what content I’m going to write and how I’m going to publicize it on other social networking sites. All things were looking vague for me. However I followed my strategy and manage to make my way from these difficulties. What was my strategy then, which helped me to get this success?

‘Do not stop searching until you find the correct answer.’ This is my strategy that I always follow, in my real life as well as in virtual life.

Blogging Anniversary
Blogging Anniversary

Blogging is not as simple as writing something and posting it. I’ve learned lots of things while writing for my blog posts. It requires many other things such as highlighting you points, proper paragraph and image placement, relevant hashtags, related links and other such things. On next step, spreading a word about it on different social networking sites is important in order to capture your audience’s attention.

To visualize this journey, I’ve gathered some numbers. In this one year, I’ve published 26 posts which includes topics like social media, technology, Google+, environment etc. I received total 25+ likes and 32 peoples started following my blog. I’ve also successfully established my Google authorship with this blog and it works with all posts. Most of my posts appear in Google search results with my authorship (Google+ profile image, byline and Google+ followers count) on it.

Thus for a newbie like me, this seems pretty good I guess. I never expected that I could make so many posts and could receive such positive feedback. Although I wanted to make my site more attractive, due to some restrictions imposed on free hosted website I couldn’t do that. However wordpress team did many improvements (integration with Google+, new themes etc.) and still working on it to make it even better and I really thanks them.

To summarize, my experience of blogging was enjoyable and I’m still thinking to continue it. I’m planning to cover more subtopics and in-depth explanation as possible. However I’ve now busy schedule for upcoming period (at least two years) and thus my free time would be very limited, I’m can’t sure continuous posting but I’ll try my best.

I’d like to say big thanks to all those who are following my blog, those who like and make comments on my blog posts, those who spread a word about my post by sharing them on different social networking sites  and all others who engage with me on this blog. I’m hoping that this journey will continue and many new people will join in.

Thank you and enjoy! 🙂


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