10 Common mistakes seen in ‘Comments’

If you are a passionate writer, blogger or columnist posting your content from long time then you must be aware with childish comments received on your post. When you’re posting publicly your audience could be anyone and thus there is possibility of receiving comments with one or more mistakes. If, however you’re new in blogging or going to comment on someone’s article and don’t know how to write good comments then this article is particularly for you.

The most important part any blogger always focuses his attention  after posting anything is the ‘Comments’ section below each published post. Writing quality content is undoubtedly important to attract more readers, but receiving good feedback or comments on that post plays crucial role to make it booming. Also, a very good comment is the pillar for writer’s next blog post.

Commenting on anyone’s post is not so difficult task but also not so straightforward as one might believe. Since your writing; whether it’s in your post or in any comment, many time it portraits your character to other readers. That’s why one must take this ‘Comment’ thing seriously before hitting any comment.

So what are common mistakes which one possibly makes while commenting anywhere? Here I’m listed some common mistakes that I’ve seen on my own blog as well as on many other websites that I regularly visit.

Common mistakes in ‘Comments’

1.  Start with small letters

Starting your comment with small case letter immediately reveals that you are not serious about what and where you are writing your comment. No matter whether you are going to write just a sentence or a paragraph, you’d always start your comment with a capital letter. It’ll not only look precise but also tells author/readers that you are not in a hurry.

Suggestion: Be skillful in writing, use capital letter at the beginning, take care of punctuations and make it look professional.

2.  Just a word or two

When you’re going to leave your comment on in-depth article with some significant points, don’t just comment in one or two words like, Cool! , Thanks for sharing. , Excellent article etc. they’ll work on social networking site but not on actual article or blog post. If you really liked that article but not so familiar with the topic or don’t know what to say then better not to comment. Instead, you can ‘Like’ ‘Rate’ or ‘Share’ it with others to show your appreciation for that article.

Suggestion: Contribute something from your side, explain your point of view, experience and make the conversation engaging.

3.  Surprise with unfamiliar language/words

Despite the fact that there are large number of languages present in the world and many of them are supported in computer system, stick with the language used in the article. On global level, English is preferred language. So if the article is in English language, don’t use your local language or any other language. It’s obvious that if you can read the language used in article, so that you can write at least some words from that language. What’s more, if you use rare or difficult words, then author and readers first have to research on them in order to understand your comment. Avoid such mistakes.

Suggestion: Use the language used in the article and flow with it, no need to show your treasure of words or proficiency in multiple languages.

4.  Changing the track

If you want to comment on any blog post/article then read it thoroughly, try to understand author’s point in his content and think over it. When you only read the tile and few random lines, see images and then comment your opinion based on such poor observation, most likely you go off topic and mislead author/readers. This may lead to create wrong impression about you and perhaps your comment also get deleted.

Suggestion: Read content carefully & sincerely, don’t just comment anything if you’re not familiar with topic or not confident what you’re going to say.

5.  Redirect to another site

For informative purpose or self-promotion, doesn’t matter what’s in your mind; always try to avoid putting any web link in your comment so as to pass on author/readers to other webpage. Placing any link in the comment possibly will drive traffic to that link instead of original post and thus, such comments are considered as spam and could get flagged or deleted by author. Any authors prefer to auto-delete any comment even with a single link present in it.

Suggestion: Don’t spam in comment to steal audience for your post. If you think the link is really informative and related to the article topic then ask to author and  take his/her permission.

Try to avoid these mistakes while commenting anywhere
Try to avoid these mistakes while commenting anywhere

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