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When you want some information about something, like to read any articles/blog posts or randomly search for anything on Google search, you probably know that some search results appears along with author’s name, photo and his number of followers on Google+. Such results attract user’s attention and perhaps give more specific information (not guaranteed). But how do these results appears in Google search results?

Those results appearing with Google+ profile image and byline are due to Google Authorship Program by Google. This authorship is beneficial for writers to finds their work quickly and helps audience to easily spot the original author.

Idea behind this program is very simple. A writer who is writing his content anywhere across the web can sign-in to his Google+ account and link up this account to all his websites/blog etc. That’s it! Here after Google performs the rest tasks for sorting results and you don’t need to worry about anything. If your web content holds your original work, have used some SEO tactics and matches with users search query, then it may appear in Google search result with your Google+ profile image, author byline and also, Google+ followers count.

So how one can do this ‘Connection’ procedure between his web content and Google+ account? Here are simple steps to get it done easily:

to Google+ account

If you already have your Google+ account then sign-in to it and if you don’t have it then Sign up to get one. Whether you’ve an existing account or just created a new one, make sure you’ve completed following details:

  1. Profile photo (clear headshot is recommended)
  2. Full name (same as you’re using on your website/blog, without any prefix)

These details are very important in order to get authorship working. In addition, make sure you’ve a byline on every webpage/content which exactly matches with your Google+ profile name. Your Google authorship might not work if you’re using different names on your Google+ profile and website/blog for which you want your Google authorship.

Select verification method

Google authorship can be set up in two ways:

  1. via Email verification

To set up Google authorship between your web content and Google+ profile, you must have your own domain name and an email ID on the same domain. If you have your email on your own domain name then you just need to verify it with Google. This is the simplest way to claim your authorship for your content with Google+.

This is very simplest way to establish Google authorship for your content. Simply go to – Google authorship page and enter your email address from same domain name on which you want your authorship should be working. It’ll automatically add your email address to the Work section of your Google+ profile as well as public link to your domain name. That’s it and you’re done. Now Google will do the rest of work to establish your authorship.


Google authorship via Email verification
Google authorship via Email verification
  1. via Linking content with Google+ profile

So you don’t have your own domain name? Stay cool; you still have your chance to set up Google authorship for your web content. This option lets you set up authorship with your web content like for example – on free hosting blogs etc. All you need is to link your Google+ profile to content on your website/blog and vice versa. To do this, follow these steps:

I.  Crete a like to your Google+ profile from your website/blog in following format:

<a href=”[profile_url] ?rel=author”>Google+</a>

Replace [profile_url] with your Google+ profile URL, without any other characters such as (/u/0/), it’ll look like this:

<a href=””>Google+</a>

This link must contain the ‘?rel=author’ parameter without which, Google won’t be able to associate your content with Google+ profile. Also, this parameter should be inside the quotation mark and not outside. The name ‘Google+’ can be leaved as it is or you can replace it with your own name or whatever you wish.

II.  Add a reciprocal link from your Google+ profile to the website/blog you updated in above step. To do this, go to ‘Contributor To’ section of your Google+ profile and click on ‘Add a custom link’. Then enter your website/blog URL which you used in above step and specify its name. If you want, you can specify the visibility of this link in your profile, however I’ll insist you to keep it Public so that peoples can easily find your website/blog. Save all the changes you just made.

Reciprocal link from Google+ profile to the website
Reciprocal link from Google+ profile to the website

Confirm that authorship is working

Now that you’ve all done by your side, it’s time to see whether it’s working or not and if it’s working, then how it looks like. For this purpose, visit Structured Data Testing Tool and enter your website/blog URL for which you are claiming your authorship and hit ‘Preview’. You’ll now see the preview of how your website/blog will be displayed in Google search results.

If you’ve done all correctly, then this preview will look like as following.

Google authorship preview
Google authorship preview

It’ll first display your website/blog name, then your Google+ profile photo and author byline. Below that, you’ll see the message in green color saying ‘Authorship is working for this webpage’. If you’ve verified your website/blog using first method i.e. via Email verification, then you can enter your Google+ profile URL in the below section named ‘Authorship Email verification’. If you’ve used second method, then you’ll see the result in the below section named ‘Authorship rel=author Markup’. In this section, you’ll know whether “rel=author” markup is successfully established or not and link between Google+ profile and webpage is found or not.

If you see that authorship is not working, carefully check that all the steps mentioned above are fulfilled. Ensure that you’ve Google+ profile photo, full name (same on Google+ profile and web content), verified email on same domain or link on web content as well as reciprocal link to Google+ profile. If any single factor from this list is missing then probably your authorship will not work.

At this point, you’re only able to see whether your authorship is working or not. It takes some time to appear it in real search results, so don’t search for your content immediately and expect it to come with Google authorship. Also, Google doesn’t guarantee to show author information for every single content on your webpage in Google web search and Google news search.

When your authorship is successfully established, it’ll start appearing in google search results and look like this.

Google authorship in search result
Google authorship in search result

Some helpful links:


In conclusion

It is good when you write something on the web and it appears in search results, but it’s even better when it displays with author image and name. It helps any writer to build trust with his audience as well as helps people to get to know more about the author behind that article. Google authorship is; in this sense, very important in this days and every web content writer should take its advantage.

What do you think? Comment your opinions, experience or questions/suggestions (if any) below.

Need more help? Write an email to me with detail explanation, I’ll try my best to answer your query.


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