Earth day: Is the purpose really being achieved?

What’s real aim behind earth day?

In last week we all celebrated International Earth Day on 22nd April. It was first celebrated in 1970. Purpose behind this day is to increase awareness in young generation about our earth and its protection. Many organizations, schools and colleges conduct various events to demonstrate their support for environmental protection.

It’s well known fact speedy development in science and technology, our life started to get better day by day. There were new inventions every other day and the development is still going on. Many inventions made our life so easy that we haven’t experienced before. Gradually we all get used to live with this advance lifestyle that now; we’re facing their side effects.

Just like a simple have its two sides, almost every new tech innovation have their two side  – the good one for which we use it and the bad one we somehow neglect so that we can use it. Bad side of anything is neglected unless it shows quick and terrible side effects. If not, although bad effects still exists there but shows their side effects after long time.

Probably the common mindset – ‘If I’m not going to face it, why should I care?’ is the main reason of using anything carelessly without thinking about future of oneself, next generation and the earth. Limited and reasonable use any technology can help us to fulfill our needs as well as definitely helps to protect our environment. Undisciplined use of anything leaves their bad results immediately.

What we’ve achieved till date?

Well frankly speaking, we haven’t achieved much success in our aim to save our planet. Many peoples still don’t get clean drinking water and dies from diseases spread though unclean water. There is huge number of plastic products like plastic tins, carry bags, toys, bottles and many other products from daily use; sooner or later still increasing plastic dumped in ocean.

Numbers of vehicles produced everyday is continuously increasing and by 2030 the number would reach to 1 billion. It means air, water and noise pollution is still increasing and going to increase more and more with those vehicles. Heavy use of pesticides and fertilizers, deforestation are causing soil pollution on great level. Tree plantation is not being done as much sincerely as their cutting is going. All n all our ‘Save Earth’ motto barely survives just one day, the destruction remain as it is for rest of the days.

So, why only one day?

However why we’re facing keen need of dedicating one particular day for our mother earth? And why only one day? What about rest of the year? With the rapid growth of science and technology, there is rapid drop in earth’s health. If we eat something that we shouldn’t our immune system gets unbalance and thereby lowers our health. So why shouldn’t this same principle be application on our mother earth?

On earth day, many events were conducted till date and are still going on. Yet there isn’t as much awareness created as it requires for actually reaching to our aim. Even now most of the peoples pay attention towards saving earth only on this particular day but are not doing anything in day to day life. Making small changes in our daily lifestyle can create great difference and also influence others to do the same.

Protecting earth is not one day event but a long process. The pollution that had already occurred and currently occurring can’t just be erased. We cannot change what bad has already occurred but we can work on certain action planes to reduce its quantity for future. This requires our day to day concern about protecting environment and saving earth.

Save earth
Save Earth (©Jitendra Mulay)

What we can do together?

Reducing any type of pollution and saving earth is not a one man show, it’s a mutual practice performed by every individual. When each of us tries to avoid using plastic carry bags whenever maximum possible, uses public transport instead of private vehicles wherever possible, becomes more careful while using electricity so as to not waste it in unnecessary ways and many such things, we all together can make remarkable change in environment.

Earth day event normally involves tree-plantation, building birdhouse, saving energy etc. Such activities however, we can take to next level and do almost every day. Encourage young generation to do proper use of electricity, lower use of private transports and to live in eco-friendly environment by practically showing them how it’ll help to save our earth.

There is nothing hard things we’ve to do in order to help protecting our earth. We are supposed to do little things in our day to day life, small changes in our daily routine which can help to reduce use of coal, natural gas and products which contributes big amount in pollution. Recycling and reusing are simple way that doesn’t cost you anything but instead helps in saving some money.

Recent news

Freshly I read two articles on Forbes – Solar Power Is Booming, But Will Never Replace Coal. Here’s Why. by Christopher Helman, Forbes Staff. This is very informative as well as thought provoking article, you must check that out. In this article he compares between energy that can be generated from solar photovoltaic panels and coal, natural gas etc. While it’s fact that solar energy produced with present solar photovoltaic panels is not sufficient, we can try to manage our needs to fit with it. It doesn’t mean however that we’ve to stop using coal and other resources and completely rely on solar energy, but we can significantly reduce their present consumption to reduce pollution.

Another one is – On This Earth Day, It’s Actually Easier To Be Green by Micheline Maynard, Contributor. Here she mentioned about motivating idea of bike sharing instead of bringing cars which, almost 30 colleges in America started to encourage students to reduce pollution. Bicycles and public transports are good option along with walking for short distance. It can make huge difference when many other universities and other companies incorporate such projects wherever possible.

In conclusion

Developing new technologies to make human life trouble-free is good but not with the cost of our earth. Living in a globalized culture we must never forget that what we’re doing under the name of progress might one day became cause of damage to earth and thereby to us.  Use of any new innovation is not bad but overuse of it is definitely worse. At some point we have to stop and look back what we had done till now, was that all good, was that all much necessary and will we continue it further? If we think deeply to answer it, there is still much time in our hand to retrieve our good old days back. Think over it.

What do you think? Comment your opinions, experience or questions/suggestions (if any) below.

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