Optimize Google+ posts to get more visibility and interaction

Usually making any post on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, people just focus on sharing something without paying much attention to the content or optimization of the post. This tendency persist on Google+ and that’s why for many newcomers who have lately started using Google+ find it hard to get their content noticed by their audience. The main cause behind it is, the way you publish your content. Your content could be anything like photography, article, blog etc. but it’ll get people’s attention only when posted in sophisticated manner. In other words, you should think like a skilled person and that should be seen in your posts.

Google+ offers variety of option to create an attractive post as compare to other social network. You can make words bold, italic, hyperlink, hashtags etc. Also the sharing option varies with your requirements. Email notification also helps for notifying users so that they won’t miss any important post. Once you grasp over this tools, your posts will definitely catch everyone’s attention.

From my experience I’ve learned some skills to make Google+ posts more noticeable. Here I’ve tried to list them, some of them I use and some I’ve seen that were used by others very effectively but I haven’t attempted.

  • Choose proper content – The most important thing while posting anything on Google+ is to choose good content. There are three types of contents:
    • Self created – This includes any type of original work from you, it can be then photography, new blog post, tips & tricks etc.
    • Shared from web – Any article, blog post, image, video etc. that is already present somewhere on the web comes under this type of sharing.
    • Shared others post – If ‘share’ button present on Google+ posts is used, then that posts will come in this type, also called re-sharing.

While sharing anything, consider under which type of content your post fits best in. The best type is sharing your own work like photos, articles, blog post, song etc. It can be anything but unique content by you to your audience.

  • Use attractive headline – Title or headline is what first attracts audience and force to read the rest of the writing, so it must be eye catching.

Example gratia, instead of saying ‘Walking after meal is good for health ’ say it like, ‘Short Walks After Meals Can Help Fend Off Diabetes’.

Simply starting your post with plain text, putting a good headline in bold and/or italic will give quick hint to reader what they about to read in post content. You can use the headline of any article/post itself or can write something yourself which will be notable.

Use attractive headline and relevant hashtags
Use attractive headline and relevant hashtags
  • Explain the post in short – While sharing any link, it’s recommended that there should be at least little explanation regarding that article. It could be summary, staring lines of that article or like that, which will roughly give the outline about content you’re sharing. Merely sharing link/s will not say such other than the title and consequently reader will move forward. Instead if you say something about what you are sharing, perhaps readers read that and contribute their comments too.
  • Include your comment – It’ll be more impressive if you place your comment in your post. If you’ve already commented on the original article/post on the web, you can then simply past it here also. Concurrently, you may also write new comment/your view on the topic of post. This help to encourage other peoples to read the article + your comment + think over it and jump in the discussion by making their comment.
Explain the post in short and Include your comment
Explain the post in short and Include your comment
  • Give proper credits if necessary – If you are sharing someone’s image/s, piece of writing etc., never forget to mention their credits. While re-sharing someone else’s posts, mentioning original photographer or author is good way to let them know you’re not steeling their content. You can use words like ‘via, h/t, from, shared by’ etc. before mentioning their name.
Give proper credits whenever necessary
Give proper credits whenever necessary
  • Add relevant hashtags – Hashtag is a simple way to collectively get posts with common interest. If your post is belongs to, say science category, then while searching with #science tag your post might appear in that search result if you’ve added relevant hashtag/s in your post. Hashtags are now so common in many social networking sites that one can find any relevant posts effortlessly.
  • Notify targeted users (caution) – Now this ‘Targeted Notification’ thing is completely optional and it’s upon you and your followers. Intentional notification is a great way to get people’s attention to your posts, provided that they want to get notified for it. If you start notifying random users for random posts, they surely will not like that and most likely you’ll get mute/block.

To know more about how to set targeted notification on Google+, read here – Google+ notification circle – Why it’s better choice

  • Interact with your audience – A great post doesn’t stops here but it involves active engagement with your readers. You can interact with your audience by giving +1s to their comments on your post, mention them in your comment to say thanks, share your response on their comments etc. It’ll show that you’re not posting anything just gain more followers, get in What’s Hot list or to pass time, but to share knowledge, exchange thoughts on something and grow connection. Interacting with your audience not only helps to make your post look more engaging but also it’ll help you to bring more audience on your future posts.

In conclusion

One cannot be satisfied simply by publishing any post on Google+, there is always need of so kind of extra work to do to make noticeable. For that purpose, you can try above mentions tricks and also can add your own ideas to make it more perceptible.

What do you think? Comment your opinions, experience or questions/suggestions (if any) below.

Need more help? Write an email to me with detail explanation, I’ll try my best to answer your query.


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