5 Benefits of Google+ ‘About’ Section

I’ve been using Google+ for two years and what I’ve strongly observed is that a lot of peoples/newcomers don’t take it seriously to fill their Google+ about section. The information you can see on their profile is only whether the person is male/female, some insufficient descriptive lines and that’s all. It decrease your chances to get added by most of the peoples who gives much importance to see a better or at least a good profile and I’m one of them. If you’re interested in quality content, interacting with the peoples who appreciate your hard work then it’s vital to look at your own profile first.

1.  Catch a glimpse of peoples – Adding appropriate tagline helps you to get quickly noticed by others. Whenever someone hover a mouse over your profile name/image, your profile snippet appears along with your name and tagline. Tagline should suggest your profession, field of interest or simply who you are in single and short sentence.

Exempli gratia – If a photographer keeps his tagline like, “Wildlife and bird photographer” then it’ll appear in a snippet under his name. If anyone sees it and is interested in photography or related topics, he may probably go further, see his profile and may add him in proper circle. On other hand, if he’s not interested in photography he’ll leave it and move on.

These make clear that if you don’t put any tagline or unrelated tagline then, there are fewer chances that your profile gets viewed by others and likelihood your followers count decreases.

Self-Introduction in Google+ about section
Self-Introduction in Google+ about section

2.  Encourage others to become your fan – Your introduction works as self-promotion for you. It’ll let the strangers know who you are, what you do, what interests you, which type of posts you share and like that. Brief description of yourself, personalized hashtags, suggested users, suggestion to people who may want to circle you, Google+ help post, personal website or like this, you can put as much as you can to impress others. It the same time, however, you must be careful that your profile should not be too much lengthy so that peoples will avoid it to read.

Exempli gratia – When you mention in your introduction that you’re a social media enthusiastic, tech geek or a sci-fi lover or interested in business development etc. then the person going to follow will need not to go browse your posts to decide in which circle to add you, he can easily place you in proper circle just by reading your introduction.

Writing a proper self introduction is the key to start a good relationship. It helps you as well as others to find common interests and get connect more easily.

3.  Highlight important links – One more advantage of filling Google+ about section is to draw people’s attention to some on your important work or any web link. Even if you can provide external links in ‘Links’ section, you can still promote some important link/s here which may feature your work. This is surely useful for others to quickly find your work. Plus it shows that you’re not here to just pass your time, you’ve active in online activities, have something original and interesting stuff for others to see.

Exempli gratia – If you’ve own website/blog or writing for any website/blog, then you can tell about it to others. This’ll help to bring some traffic to that site. If you’re providing any assistance/business solutions and want more clients, you can mention here about that.

People will not find you interesting unless you provide them easy access to your creation. Also, it’s you can say, a priceless advertisement of your own hard work.

Highlight important links
Highlight important links

4.  To prove you are not robot – Though many of you might have concern about your online privacy, it’s not totally unsafe to disclose some basic information about you. You’re not asked to enter your credits card no. or bank account password, at least not on Google+. Self introduction is necessary with the clear purpose to let others know who you are, what you do etc. It’s helpful on individual level and professional level too.

Exempli gratia – When you write anything about you in your own creative way, it always differ from a fake identity or zombie. Since it’s little bit tough to greet everyone individually, putting something instead of it to read others and know you is a good choice. Also if have any small business or an expert in specific field, then it might help your neighbors to contact you for any assistance.

If you want to appear special among others, you’you’ve to say it to others and for this purpose your Google+ about section is the best place.

Links to your other profile
Links to your other profiles

5.  Create good impression – Whenever you leave any space blank, it’ll emphasize that either you’re hiding something or don’t have real character. When you are writing anything about you, you are actually creating good impression of yourself. Avoid using foul language, fake statements and nasty links. In a rush to impress others, always pay attention to your words before publishing them as one wrong word is enough to mute you.

Exempli gratia – If you’re a professional from any field link photography, blogging, business etc. then it’s beneficial to say it. It’s always recommended to specify about your expertise and skills, however not life story.

It’s not that you’re applying for a job, but it’s always advisable to generate good impression of yourself on social networking sites.

In conclusion

Your Google+ profile reflects your personality and brand so, more attractively you introduce yourself, greater are the chances you’ll get more followers. Leaving it blank will certainly creates bad impression about you, people may think either you’re lazy or have a fake identity. Hence get ready and write your introduction in perfect words without missing any highlight.

What do you think? Comment your opinions, experience or questions/suggestions (if any) below.

Need more help? Write an email to me with detail explanation, I’ll try my best to answer your query.


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