Google+ notification circle – Why it’s better choice?

If you’re a long time user of Facebook, LinkedIn or other such social media sites, you probably getting links and comments for almost every posts and never faced trouble to get your friends attention on your posts. Conversely on Google+, it’s not that easy. If you compare with other social networking sites, you’ll find that Google+ is optimized for literally everyone, for any type of posts and enhanced layout to catch people’s attention. As a result, peoples from verity of fields using Google+ not only to chat, re-share GIFs and such immature thinks but to share original creativity, discoveries, advice/help and such valuable thinks.

At the same time Google+ offers you to follow rally large number of users and large number of users can follow you back, it’s quite difficult to stay up with all of them at once. You can follow anyone from any field and same may happens with others too. To solve this difficulty, Google+ offers you the ‘Notification option’ in which you can put all your favorite users and then turn on the notifications for that circle to get notified for each new post from users in that circle. It’s an option from your side and even though it’s good option, it may sometimes overflow your Red Box of notifications.

To trounce this issue, many users prefer to notify their followers by creating special notification circle/s. the idea is simple, if a person is all set to notify his followers and anyone is willing to receive it then all he has to do is to ask the same to that person. He’ll then add him and will notify for each new post on Google+. Furthermore, if one thinks he do not wish to receive such notifications anymore then he can always opt out from that circle simply by informing the same to that person. No hard feelings at all.

How to create Notification Circle?

Intended Notification Circles are better choice
Intended Notification Circles are better choice

Notifications Circle is a regular circle except that you’ve to add only selected users in it.  You can create your Notification Circle/s (you may name it as AlertCircle or NotifyTheseUsers or whatever you desire) and add your followers in it who wants notifications from you. Then, every time you’re going to share any posts related to that category, select this Notification Circle too along with the Public option (only if your sharing it publicly) and check Also Send Email option.

Plus points

  • Filter desired topics – The main benefit of Notification Circle is when you are sharing variety of topics and some of your followers don’t want to see other posts except regarding any specific topic/s, Notification Circle will help them to overcome this problem.
  • Avoid distraction – By subscribing to Notification Circle, you are actually able to see clutter free posts in your Google+ stream.

Minus points

  • One more addition in red box – Notification Circle will surly interrupt in your notification box along with regular notifications. It may sometimes get hard to consider all of them at once.
  • Miss other posts – While you’re subscribed to specific Notification Circle or offering Notification Circle to others, there is chance that you or your followers may possibly overlook other impressive posts.

Above given plus and minus points are from opinions and could vary from person to person. Yet, with the given pros and cons of Notification Circle, I’ll say first you’ve to look for your present feedback on your posts (without Notification Circle) and if you’re satisfied with it then no need of this extra work. However if you think you’re not receiving enough feedback or want to make it easier for your followers to stay updated with your posts, then I’ll insist you to do this task. Just give it a try for some period and see the results. If you don’t see any change in the response on your posts as compare to present response after implementing these Notification Circles, you can stop them at any time.

One more important thing, while considering number of subscribers to your Notification Circle and thereby increase in feedback on posts, it’s assumed that your Google+ post have good quality content (like no bare links, focused content, no too much post per day etc.).

Bonus tip – If you are in fear that your mailbox will get overflow by such notification emails, you can simply create a filter for them and archive such mails or even directly delete them.

Join my notification circle: Since I share many posts with variety of topics, it might be possible that you like one post but not the other. Stay cool and just tell me what you want to listen and I’ll shout on you only for that topic. Below given are two links from where you can subscribe to my notification circle/s. Go to any one of them and mention your topics that interest you.


In conclusion

For peoples who posts on variety of topics, it’s easy for their followers to get notified only for selected type of post. It also ensures that followers will less probably miss any post from that person. One more advantage of using on purpose notification is that, recipients will get notified only for selected posts and not for other posts by that person.

What do you think? Comment your opinions, experience or questions/suggestions (if any) below.

Need more help? Write an email to me with detail explanation, I’ll try my best to answer your query.


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