How to verify wordpress blog on Pinterest

You’ve created your blog on and started writing some posts but don’t know how to keep track on your published posts. Though wordpress provides you significant amount of stats, it’s necessary to get other information regarding your blog. For that and other purposes, provides some tools by which you can collect all other information about your blog.

Once you’ve created your blog on, it’s important to manage it and keep an eye on the progress of your blog posts. For that reason, you’ve to verify your blog with any/all of the tools available in wordpress. There are three tools given namely, Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools and Pinterest Site Verification in order to verify your blog. In this post, I’m going to tell you the process of verifying your blog using Pinterest Site Verification.

In order to verify your blog, begin with these steps:

1.      Go to Pinterest account settings

To verify your blog using Pinterest, go to Pinterest account settings and click on the ‘Edit profile’ option located third from top.

Pinterest 1


 Then enter your complete blog address in the ‘Website’ section at the bottom of the pop-up window.

Pinterest 4


2.     Copy HTML meta tag

After entering your blog address, click ‘Verify Website’ button. To get the verification code for your blog, click on ‘Verify with meta tag’. Copy the entire meta tag that’ll appear in the bracket.

Pinterest 3

Pinterest 4

3.     Paste meta tag in wordpress blog

Open your blog and go to Tools > Available Tools. Here you’ll see three options including ‘Pinterest Site Verification’ to verify your blog. Since you’re now verifying your blog using Pinterest, paste the previously copied code into the box next to the option ‘Pinterest Site Verification’ and then click ‘Save changes’.

Pinterest 5

4.     Conform your verification

Click on ‘Complete Verification’ button on the pop-up window of Pinterest. If you’ve done all steps correctly, your blog must now be verified and you’ll see the verified sign (check mark) nest your blog address in ‘Edit Profile’ window. Also, you’ll see the verified sign in your Pinterest profile.

Pinterest 2


Pinterest 3



In conclusion

When you decide to write on your blog and wish that some of your audience would read it, it’s equally important to pay attention to progress of your blog. Is there any crawling error, how many visitors you’re getting per post and many more such things are essential for a blogger in order to keep his blog on top. Thus, Pinterest Site Verification is, I’ll say, a crucial thing to do on first place.

What do you think? Comment your opinions, experience or questions/suggestions (if any) below.

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7 thoughts on “How to verify wordpress blog on Pinterest

  1. prettypracticalhome

    Thank you! I was trying to use the code and didn’t realize there was already a tool available. Very helpful and easy to follow!


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