Vanity URL for Google+ profile

A vanity or custom URL is personalized URL, created to point to something which is indicated in the name of the URL. They represent particular and trusted company page for individual profiles. Vanity URLs are easy to remember and easy to read.

Vanity URL
Vanity URL

As Google was rolling out custom/vanity URL for their Google+ users, I got mine on 30 Oct, 2013. When I started my account on Google+ two years ago, my profile URL was a combination of some random numbers which was really very hard to remember. More particularly it was the one given below –

Now it’s like this –
My new vanity URL for Google+ profile
My new vanity URL for Google+ profile

As you can see, the knotty numbers are replaced by my name followed by a plus sign. It does certainly have some benefits like I’ve listed below.

  • Easy to remember

  • More personalized

  • Clean view

  • Easy to find

  • Easy to share

  • Easier to promote in email signature/websites

  • Signifies original and trusted account

So, I’m happy to get this vanity URL with my name. Now I’m waiting to get my verified profile name for Google+ profile. 😉


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