Best ways to get circled back on Google+

Did you circled someone and think he/she still not circled you back? Do you think circling anyone is enough to for them to add you back? If so then you’ve to think again.

When you go to any shop and pick any stuff, you don’t purchase it just because it’s displayed there to sale or because the sales girl is looking towards you with her irresistible smile.

It is crystal-clear fact that mostly no one wants to circle you back just because of you’ve circled them. Google+ is a platform to meet strangers and to connect with them. When you want to know others and interact with them, you should first introduce yourself to them. There are plenty ways to expose yourself to others, here are some of them which I find easy and more likely will work.

Best way to get circled back on Google+
Best way to get circled back on Google+
  • Share interesting content – Just by following someone never assures to get followed back. If you’ve found any attractive and effective content in their stream and thus started to follow them, why can’t then the same thing they expect from you?
  • Give +1 – Interacting with the persons you are following by giving +1 is very easy way to get noticed by them. Giving +1 is only one click process, however if there are too much +1s already/expected then it may not be noticeable. For that, leaving your comment is really notable option. Whether the post is about any topic, article or photograph, you can express your thoughts/viewpoint in comments. Comments don’t only get attention of original maker of post but also all other fellows who’re contributed their comments on that post. By this means, you’re indirectly introducing yourself to others users.
  • Re-share posts – Re-sharing anyone’s post in your stream with your followers is really good way to get noticed by that person. Re-sharing anyone’s post (and mentioning him in that post) with your followers will bring some amount of traffic to his post, thus likely increase your chances of getting noticed by that person as active engager and he might circle you back.
  • Participate in hangout – Google+ has superb feature of hangout. Take part in public hangouts and introduce yourself. See how they interact there, what are they talking about and accordingly jump into the conversation. Hangout is really good way to introduce yourself directly.
  • Mention others – Mentioning someone in your post/comment will notify them about it and catch their attention towards it. If they find it interesting, they’ll appreciate it. Just remember, don’t mention or notify to any random persons in any irrelevant content.
  • No direct message – Never send any private message like “Hi, wassup?” etc. or don’t share any post directly unless you personally know that person and very sure that they’ll don’t mind it. It’s a common mistake by new users who are in rush to interact with others or want to get more followers.

To sum it up, your main focus should be on your contribution on Google+. The more you interact and engage with others, more are your chances to get noticed and consequently to get circled back by more crowd. Since the main purpose on Google+ is to curate and share new content and interact with others, merely circling anyone doesn’t guaranty to get circled back.


In conclusion

Google+ is a great feature to collaborate, discuss and enhance virtual interaction with peoples having identical curiosity, a good place to discover and share new ideas, to get listeners to your voice. Hence it’s important to interact with others in order to circled back.

What do you think? Comment your opinions, experience or questions/suggestions (if any) below.

Need more help? Write an email to me with detail explanation, I’ll try my best to answer your query.


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