Best practice of re-share Google+ posts

When you see any post on Google+, first of all you +1 it if you like/appreciate it. Secondly you give complement/feedback in comments if the content in that post matters you more than just +1. Finally you re-share that post if you genuinely find it interesting and want to get that noticed by your followers too. However do you re-share it in proper way?

Merely clicking ‘Re-share’ option and selecting your audience is not enough. Since re-share itself says that the content is not yours, you have to follow some courtesies in order to not make your false image in other’s mind.

Sometimes it’s okay to just re-share any post you like. On the other hand it’s always recommended to re-share it with some adjustments. What are these adjustments?

How to re-share Google+ posts
How to re-share Google+ posts


  •  Write new heading – Whether original post have any title or not, it’s always good to give your own title while re-sharing post. This might reveal that you’re not just re-sharing anything but actually read it. Not necessary but it’s good if you try it. It can be anything that can roughly match with original heading or alternative characters.
  •  Jot down own opinion – Writing small summary or some words about original post possibly makes people more curious to read the original content. You can also write your own comment about original post which alternatively will show that you’ve read the entire content and find it interesting. This’ll help to justify your reason behind re-sharing that post.
  •  Mention credits – It’s vital object of any re-shred post that you’ve to mention author (G+uer) of original post and/or third person you are sharing from (if any). Simply re-sharing notifies its maker but don’t provide easy link to see it. Indicating original author in your re-shared post gives him its proper credits as well as helps to show his gratitude for you.
  •  Disable comments – It’s always better to disable comments on re-shared post so as to move your readers to original post to leave their comments. It might be not necessary for all kind of post however, recommended to perform while re-sharing original photographs, blog, interesting and informative content and like that.

These are some points I’ve found missing in many re-shared posts and tried them to summarize here. Unlike Twitter, Facebook or other social media network, Google+ is very good resource of new and trusted information from many fields and thus requires some directions to follow. They’ll surely help to create your positive identity among other users as well as to gain their trust.

So what’s your way to re-share any post?

In conclusion

Knowledge sharing with creative and effective way is one the best feature of Google+ among others. At the same time we’ve to respect originality of others posts and must give them proper credits they deserve. It’s not too hard; you can do it very easily. By doing so, you are showing appreciation of his posts as well as presenting an example of proper way of sharing to other followers. This’ll may help others while sharing any of your posts.

What do you thing? Comment your opinions, experience or questions/suggestions (if any) below.

Need more help? Write an email to me with detail explanation, I’ll try my best to answer your query.



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