Embed Google+ post on blogger

In previous post I talked about Google+ and WordPress.com integration and what new useful features you’re going see. Today I’m going explain the procedure of embedding any Google+ post on your Blogger’s site.

Recently Google+ brought Embedding feature for Google+ posts so that you can insert any desired Google+ post in your website, in your blog and like that. It acts in similar manner to embed feature provided by other media such as Twitter and Facebook, however Embedded Google+ posts looks more appealing than any other. Embedding Google+ posts on you site or blog post can make it easy to share any stuff from Google+ with simple link. This’ll also help to highlight any stuff from Google+; it can be your own or may be of other Google+ users, in your own site or blog without repeated typing.

So if you’ve your site or blog on Blogger then you’ll have to follow these simple steps to embed any Google+ post on your Blogger post. These steps also apply to embed any Google+ post on Blogger page.

  • Open your Blogger site and create new post
  • Write the title and content of your post in ‘Compose’ mode
Write your content in Compose mode
Write your content in Compose mode
  • Once you’ve finished your writing, decide any place in your post where you want the embedded Google+ post to appear
  • Now switch to ‘HTML’ mode
  • Open Google+ in another window and pick your desired post
  • Hover the cursor over the top right corner of that post
  • From the dropdown list select ‘Embed post’ option
Select any post and copy its 'Embed code'
Select any post and copy its ‘Embed code’
  • A new pop-up window will open, copy the JavaScript code displayed in that window
  • Paste that code as it is in your Blogger post in ‘HTML’ mode
Paste 'Embed code' in HTML mode
Paste ‘Embed code’ in HTML mode
  • Save your post and see the preview to confirm your embedded post is getting displayed
Preview to confirm that Embedded post is working
Preview to confirm that Embedded post is working

Pretty simply huh? The only thing you’ve to remember is, don’t paste post embedding code in ‘Compose’ mode and put it in ‘HTML’ mode only. If you place that code in ‘Compose’ mode then the same code will get displayed in your post and no actual post will embed.

In conclusion

Google+, by providing post embed feature, made it very easy to share your public Google+ post on any other site or blog. In addition, it’ll also help your Google+ posts to make noteworthy on your site or blog. It’ll definitely increase chances to bring your Google+ followers to your blog as well as direct your blog readers to your Google+ profile to connect with you.

What do you think? Comment your opinions, experience or questions/suggestions (if any) below.

Need more help? Write an email to me with detail explanation, I’ll try my best to answer your query.


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