Google+ and integration

I know usually I post on sunday but this one is exception for it. WordPress yesterday announce that they have integrated some of the Google features with site (free hosted). Following are new features you’ll see on your site:

  • Linking your site with your Google+ Profile

Now you can link your Google+ profile with which creates official connection between your content and your Google+ account. This’ll act as an additional verification layer to confirm your authorship about your content and helps Google to understand who created certain pages, which helps to increase the accuracy of search results.

Link Google+ profile to
Link Google+ profile to

A Google+ section will be added at the bottom of your posts, which will include a link to your Google+ Profile, a button your visitors can click to follow you on Google+, and your Google profile picture.

Google+ Profile link at the bottom of post
Google+ Profile link at the bottom of post
  • Post comments using your Google+ account

Long awaited feature of commenting using Google+ account is new here. Previously you had option to comment either as a guest, using your account or one of your social accounts. New feature allows you to comment using your Google+ account and it’ll automatically grab your name and email address from Google, as well as your profile picture and URL to associate with your comment.

Post comments using Google+ account
Post comments using Google+ account
  • Sharing posts on Google+ via Publicize makes it easy to automatically share your new post on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Path via Publicize. New addition to this list is of Google+. That’s right, now you can share your latest stuff on your Google+ profile with this tool. At present it allows to share only on your Google+ profile and not on Google+ page but stay tuned, you’ll be able to Publicize to Google+ Pages as well in a few weeks.

Share new post on Google+ via Publicize
Share new post on Google+ via Publicize

You can find this connection option in Settings > Sharing > Publicize. You’ll be asked to approve the connection between your site and your Google+ account. You can then select where you’d like your Publicized posts to be shared: to specific people, Circles, or Public.

  • A handy sharing button

New feature brings you Google+ sharing button to add at the bottom of your post so that your audience can quickly share your posts with their followers on Google+. This will help to increase chances of your blog getting noticed by large Google+ crowd and can bring you more traffic from Google+.

Add Google+ share button to post
Add Google+ share button to post

You’ll see this option in Settings > Sharing as well, under Sharing Buttons. To activate, just drag and drop the Google+ button from Available Services to Enabled Services.

  • Embedding Google+ posts on

Recently Google+ brought Embedding feature for Google+ posts and now also allowed it. It acts similar to embed feature by other media such as Twitter and Facebook. Embedding Google+ posts on you site can make it easy to share any stuff from Google+ with simple link. This’ll also help to highlight any stuff from Google+; it can be your own or may be of other Google+ users, in your site without repeated typing.

While creating a new post or page on your blog, just insert Google+ URL of any post that you want to embed is it is. Else, you can use shortcode for Google+, like this:

googleplus url=

(enclose this in [ ] square brackets without place at either ends)

It’ll look like this:

In conclusion

WordPress, by integrating some important features between and Google+, made it very easy to connect your blog with your Google+ profile. In addition, it’ll also help in Google+ authorship mark since your Google+ account is now directly connected with your site. This’ll definitely increase chances of your post to appear in Google search results, bring your Google+ followers to your blog as well as direct your blog readers to your Google+ profile to connect with you.

What do you think? Comment your opinions, experience or questions/suggestions (if any) below.

Need more help? Write an email to me with detail explanation, I’ll try my best to answer your query.


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