Follow-up of ‘Blogs of August’ posts

As I did mentioned in my last post about blogging entirely on Google+ for the month of August, I’ve published couple of posts there and had very good experience.

In case if you’ve miss any of those posts, I’m going to list them here. Make sure to check them, +1, comment and share it with your followers. You can comment on original posts on Google+ or may comment over here; but while commenting here, refer to the post for which you are going to comment.

1. Reasons that  may trigger mute/block option in Google+

(Category: Google+) August ‎07, ‎2013

Google+ also provides option to mute or block anyone who comes across in your privacy. It’s not that someone gets crazy and put a mute tag on someone’s profile, there’s always reason for it. Once you get blocked by person, you can’t make any type of interaction with that person on Google+. So, what can cause somebody to get mute or blocked by someone?

 2. Do you think Google+ as blogging platform?

(Category: Google+) August ‎12, ‎2013

To create a booming blog post all you need is a good content and fine portrayal of it. While reading blog, audience pays attention to quality content and not on how attractive your site layout is. Yes, design and site layout matters however, not to excel your single post but for other purposes. If you want to try something different from typical blogging platforms, then Google+ is a good choice.

3. Google+ update for android

(Category: Google+) August ‎16, ‎2013

I’ve just updated Google+ for android and it’s very impressive. Here is my quick review to some remarkable updates that Google+ app for android brought to us.

4. Heat waves are going to increase in next 30 years

(Category: Science) August ‎20, ‎2013

For the approaching days i.e. by 2040, the multi-model mean of the CMIP5 (Coupled Model Intercomparison Project) climate models predicts increase in the frequency of heat extremes irrespective of the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere, a new study has warned.

5. Archive of blog posts made on Google+

(Category: Google+) August ‎22, ‎2013

An inconvenience of blogging on Google+ is that there is no way to keep the Archives of old posts. Despite the fact that probability of your old post to get read is very less, it’s not almost zero and that’s why many bloggers prefers to provides the Archive facility in regular blogging sites (via Category, Date etc.) Since on Google+, all of your posts are running back to back and no way to achieve that Archive thing.

6. “You’ve received new message!”

(Category: Lifestyle) August ‎24, ‎2013

Though texting is a valuable way of communicating, some people spend too much time sending messages by phone instead of interacting with others face to face. Spending time with each other with clear talking not only makes your happy but also helps to create a good relation.

7. How to know if you’re irritating other Google+ users?

(Category: Google+) August ‎26, ‎2013

If you’re very new to use Google+ and unaware how to manage here to interact with other peoples, the first and most important thing you can do is to stay calm and avoid some mistakes. Google+ is much different network than any other, so the people here surely expect you to act like a mature person and don’t do some silly mistakes to clutter their experience.

8. Followers count v/s Actual interaction

(Category: Google+) August ‎29, ‎2013

There are many ways by which your followers count may get increased particularly when you share a unique and creative content, via publicly shared circle or someone promotes you. Rapidly rise in number of followers might look surprising and feel exciting however, what you possibly neglect is the increase in ‘Engagement’ with your posts.

 9. Self-assurance

(Category: Lifestyle) August ‎30, ‎2013

Confidence is theoretically invisible but practically is always inside everyone’s mind. I said mind because heart deals with feelings and emotions whoever, mind always think logically; provided you’re able to differentiate them.

10. Intended notification or notification circle?

(Category: Google+) August ‎31, ‎2013

On Google+, one can follow literally large number of peoples as well as can have large number of followers. To manage them, Google+ provides effective ways to engage with your followers as well as to stay updated with peoples you’re following. Such impressive tools includes ‘On purpose notification’ and ‘Notification circle’.

I really enjoyed and had wonderful experience of blogging exclusively on Google+ for one month. Thus I might continue to blog on Google+ too, so circle MEand keep visiting. To see all my blog posts on Google+, search with hashtag #JitusBlogOnPlus

Enjoy! 🙂



5 thoughts on “Follow-up of ‘Blogs of August’ posts

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