Blogs of August

When you hear the word ‘Blog’ do you always get the image of WordPress, Blogger, Type Pad  Tumblr or any website in front of your eyes? Do you think side widgets, design or layout are elementary and more important things to write a successful blog post? If so then, think again.

To create a booming blog post all you need is a good content and fine portrayal of it. While reading blog, audience pays attention to quality content and not on how attractive your site layout is. Yes, design and site layout matters however, not to excel your single post but for other purposes. Following this thinking Mike Elgan has presented noble idea, a challenge to blog entirely on Google+ for the month of august. A group of selected and enthusiastic bloggers will posts their blogs exclusively on Google+, not on their regular destination. At the present, this is on experimental level.

I’ve participated in it, so I’ll redirect my posts to Google+ instead of posting them here for the month of August. Thus you’ll find all my blog posts on my Google+ account and not here on WordPress. Your regular comments about my posts are appreciated all the time though, it’ll be more awesome and encouraging to receive your feedback/opinions on this experimental trial.

This suggest that you’ll also not receive my regular email notification for new posts, however if you wish to get notified by email for each new post on my Google+ I’ll do that. Just leave your name and email below and don’t worry, you can request to opt out at any time. I respect your privacy so don’t bothered by spam; your information will not be shared to anyone.

Waiting for your response. Be sure to circle Mike Elgan and Me to follow all updates.

Let’s try something different! :)
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