Chasing with speed

Today is raining here, the official monsoon rain started seven weeks ago, around 7th or 8th of June. It’s Sunday, I’m having my morning coffee with some cookies. I came to window and that rain drops spreading over my face, triggering chain of thoughts in my mind. I’ve tried to pick them in my words.

When I was little, I remember those days when rain was the season of fun. There were eye-catching greenery everywhere, beautiful flowers and that first smell of soil which was heated by hardcore sun. Today that smell is missing, that greenery is reduced…everything is changed. We made them to change.

At that time, all little boys and even young guys came to play in rain. As I remember, football was their favorite. Peoples were love to travel in this season, tracking, little trip to any nearest waterfall were the preferred plans. Photographers were also very happy, they got to catch excellent shots of beautiful nature, variety of birds and it was like Mother Nature opens her hidden treasure for all of them. Today everyone got busy in virtual world, finding no time to spend with nature…the one who surviving us.

“When first time human understands the use of Wheel, he defiantly not had any idea about where it’ll drive humans with a tremendous speed. Now a day we are running to chase the speed. With higher living standards, economical and social growth we are still lagging behind in humanity and sympathy towards our nature. Strange that our so-called civilized society prefers high-tech man-made stuffs, despite the fact it’ll be impossible to make anything without nature. Our ecosystem provides everything that we need to survive, but we are extending our demands with no limits. Will we ever find ourselves satisfied?”

Today we are talking about global warming, taking campaigns to get people’s attention, finding solutions to cure it however the missing part is we are still not comfortable to change our lifestyle, not in a barely noticeable manner but in a significant way. Defining a single day as ‘Environmental Day’ is not the cure; we have to except that there is no escape from this issue. If today all of us don’t Face it, tomorrow we’ll have to Face it!

Global warming graphic
Global warming graphic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The period when technology was not so developed and present technology has very fewer similarities but have vast differences in many aspects. The pattern of rain is changed, sun is appearing hotter day by day and natural calamities are increased. Just even a 10C rise in atmospheric temperature in Antarctica is visibly making great impact on glaciers. Pollution, it can be of air, water, soil or noise, creating horrifying side effects on nature.

Even light has its speed limit but human desires don’t. Technology is not bad however excess use of it is worse. When we think, what it will cause if I use only one more plastic carry bag, think again. Even if 10% of total world population (which is approximately 7 billion, refer Wikipedia for more info) think like this, you can imagine how much pollution can be produced in one time. There is fine line between prudence and extravagance. Nature gives literally everything human need to live happily whereas everything seize by nature for luxurious living is an indication of foolish minds.

A simple chain of thoughts enforce to review what you are doing. Are we always right about what we believes or do we just pretend it? It happens many times that dream looks more delightful than reality whereas reality is more truthful. Genuinely thinking about present time can unfold the miserable fact which we can neither ignore nor run away from. Now time to think about its cure and make immediate efforts before the situation goes out of control.

In conclusion

Running with advanced technology and globalized culture, at some point we have to stop and look back what we had done till now, was that all good, was that all much necessary and will we continue it further? If we think deeply to answer it, there is still much time in our hand to retrieve our good old days back. Think over it.

What do you think? Comment your opinions, experience or questions/suggestions (if any) below.

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