How to manage Google+ community in better way?

Google+ community is very effective and easy way for Google+ users to communicate and share similar interest with each other. When you follow any Google+ user, you’re getting only his/her posts in your stream whereas, if you follow any community, you’re actually communicating with thousands (general no. of community members, active members no. may vary) of peoples at a same time. At the same time, since any community member can post in community it’s important for members to follow community rules/guidelines. Although Google have improved moderating features for community moderators to keep community clean and spam free, it has been always headache for moderators when many users break those rules and mess with community. As a result, a user’s posts may get removed; user may get banned from that particular community and it affects your Google+ profile also.

As a moderator for one Google+ community, I’ve also faced many difficulties to keep the community stream clean. Therefore I’m sharing some tips that I personally consider useful to maintain a good community on Google+.

Google Plus Communities
How to manage Google+ community in better way?
  • Choose proper moderators – Considering the topic of the community, number of category topics and number of members, community can set the proper moderators. Moderation requires basic/sufficient knowledge of moderating subject, skill to understand what users want to explain and time to contribute. Having too many moderators for small community or having insufficient moderators for large community eventually affects user’s community experience.
  • Schedule moderation timing – Considering the frequency of new posts per day, community moderators can set up their individual timing of moderation. Planning 24 hours or specific days among the moderators can help to maintain community stream spam free. Any moderator can browse their community at any time to clean up the irrelevant and spam posts and interact on new posts however, time management can make it sure to see very clean community stream at any time.
  • Disclose brief community guidelines – State the important rules regarding to posts any content on community, like what type of content is allowed to share (videos, photos, GIF etc.), roughly what to post under each category (so that there’ll be no chaos for some peoples), which type of posts are not permitted and may get removed, which move can get a person banned from the community and all that.
  • Give your verdicts – Moderators should point out to users if user had published any post in wrong category and moderator moved it in proper/more suitable category. By this mean users will take care of categories before making next posts. Only moving post don’t notify the person thus, less chances that he/she will find the modification in category. Hence mentioning the writer while shifting of his/her post is must.
  • Notify users before removing posts – Before removing any posts that moderators determine as irrelevant with community topic, insufficient data, unfamiliar language (normally English is preferred while sharing on global level) or spam, users must get mortified for it. Moderators should post a comment on such posts stating proper reason/s why they excluded that posts. It’ll help the person behind that post to know what should not post in this community.
  •  Banning is ultimate option, choose it wisely – Moderators can prohibit any user who constantly posts irrelevant contents, post spam links, hijack any post to promote their service/product or misbehave with community members by any means. Person who gets banned by any community can’t further interact with that community. Moderators should not ban any community member directly for first or second mistake by users. Moderators can notify the related person describing the incorrect part of their post and even after that user continues with similar mistakes, then blocking is the only option. Discussion with community owner/other moderators before banning anyone is recommended.
  • Encourage members to post rich content – Many people have habit of posting barely a link to any article with small image. Encourage them to write something in the post. Instead of posting just a link to the article, one can make it attractive by giving a proper headline in bold letters, some noticeable lines/short piece from that article and/or your reaction on it. In addition, it’ll be more dazzling if; in place of original link and its small image, there is large size image and short link to the original article along with matching hashtags.
  • Request feedback – Making feedback category and requesting users to submit their reaction for the community can make it easier for moderator to get acknowledged for their efforts towards the community. Users may give their feedback, advice to make something better, any difficulties or reconsideration of their removed post (if they are doubtful with the reason given in removed post) and like this. This’ll be the place where members can officially communicate with community owner/moderators for any assistance.


Although in my experience, there are very less selected members present who actually post interesting stuff and take time to interact with others. Those are the main source of community and no matter how small or big this number of active community members is, community should pay attention to them and give full support to make community a great place of interaction.


In conclusion

Google+ community is a great feature to collaborate, discuss and enhance virtual interaction with peoples having identical curiosity. Community is now a good place to discover and share new ideas, to get listeners to your voice. Hence the accurate management of community is a crucial thing with the purpose to increase reputation and interaction of newcomers.

What do you think? Comment your opinions, experience or questions/suggestions (if any) below.

Need more help? Write an email to me with detail explanation, I’ll try my best to answer your query.



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