How to introduce yourself on Google+ ?

The most important part of your Google+ profile is your Introduction, which is unfortunately left blank by many new users, thus the reason for not getting followers. Though there’re many profiles present with very less or absolutely nothing written in their profile but have considerably large number of followers; the reason is, may be the profiles are of well-known organizations, celebrity, politicians or old users of Google+ which is reasonable so don’t compare with their profiles.

I’ve literally seen many Google+ profiles with totally blank introduction, not even a single word. In order to get noticed by audience, you must tell them who you are. For that, answer these simple four questions –

  1. Who you are?
  2. What is your profession?
  3. What do you like to talk/interact about?
  4. What type of post you make on Google+?

Answering these questions automatically completes your requirement of Google+ introduction. It’ll tell other peoples about your character, what qualities you hold, what are your interests and like this. You just have to give some reasons specifying why one should follow you.

With a purpose to make your Google+ Introduction more attainable to Google+ audience, I’m listing some tips that’ll help you and will make your Google+ experience even better.

  • Language barrier – In order to communicate with peoples all around the world, the first crucial thing is language of communication. If you use your regional or native language, there are less chances of your profile get read by other who don’t know that language and probably they’ll not circle you. So the point is, you should write your profile in English only (or if want to use your language, place its English version using Google Translation).
  • Use Bold/Italic font – Always highlight important lines in your profile. Use Bold/Italic effect to your text wherever necessary, it’ll visibly attract peoples to read it. Writing just in plain text may put your important details out of sight.
  • Use hyperlinks – Any type of hyperlink surely catches attention. You can place hyperlink on any important posts, someone’s name, page/community you are managing and like this but, never use it for any spam posts, product advertisement or link to any offensive webpage etc.
  • Content – Your profile content must be eye-catching and clear. It should not be too short or too long or lengthy to read, it should be precise. Avoid using needless topics, be specific to the point. Write about some highlights of your achievements, educational progress, other activities etc. Include your area of interest, topics you like to discuss, what usually you posts on Google+. Remember, you’re giving reasons to add/follow you so don’t miss anything.
  • Suggest other users – This was really good idea put forward by +Jarek Klimek (Read more about Public Circles Project). There are many Google+ users who shares very good posts but somehow can’t get noticed by others, thus your introduction is the better place to bring them in focus. You can suggest Google+ users who you find interesting, shares nice stuffs and are active users of Google+. You can provide their profile links too, if you want. Your followers will find them and possibly circle them too.
  • Hashtag – If you use your personal hashtags with certain topics of posts, mention it here. It’ll be more convenient for peoples to quickly browse through your particular type of posts. Exempli gratia, if you share any tips related to particular topic, photographs, original article (that mean unique content by you, not other’s shared article) or like this then, you can create your personal hashtags and place in every post you share. When searched for this hashtag, all your posts will appear in one place. Moreover you can add any general hashtags which you use to hit peoples where to expect your content to get found.
Improve your introduction
How to introduce yourself on Google+ ?

These are some important factor that matter to create an excellent Google+ profile Introduction. You can add your own ideas to make your profile better-looking. I’m stopping here and will continue to share other Google+ tips and help in next posts.


In conclusion

Your Google+ profile reflects your personality and brand so, more attractively you introduce yourself, greater are the chances you’ll get more followers. Get ready and write your introduction in perfect words without missing any highlight.

What do you think? Comment your opinions, experience or questions/suggestions (if any) below.

Need more help? Write an email to me with detail explanation, I’ll try my best to answer your query.


2 thoughts on “How to introduce yourself on Google+ ?

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  2. musaazi julius

    Hey everyone

    my name is musaazi julius a student of nkumba university.

    iam pleased to post on google for my first time where i would like to put thinking at exposure and have it shared with everyone ( the world )

    Personally i believe in ” the source of knowledge, is to lack ” (we one lacks, they think)
    I have truely found out that when people don’t lack, they can not develop because where “to lack” doesn’t exist, thinking cant take place!

    I have proved this basing on many instances! consider the following,


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