How to fill Google+ ‘About’ section?

There were many articles published, hundreds of posts were made by expert users of Google+ describing “How to use Google+” but, I think the confusion remains same for many peoples. It might be due to their long time addiction to Facebook, Twitter etc. When it comes to do something different and create a quality content, I’ve observed that normally people turn off at very first attempt. If you’re truly willing to do something new, then Google+ is definitely your first and easy platform to start with.

That’s why I’m going to share basic tips, helpful guidelines and also occasionally my own experience of Google+ from past two years. These will obviously going to get lengthy and certainly boring to read too much at a time so, I’m going to split it, making series of posts. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

How exactly to feel the ‘About’ section? 

Google+ ‘About’ section
How exactly to feel Google+ ‘About’ section?

This post will explain what to write in ‘About’ section of your Google+ profile. Wherever I’ve mentioned ‘Recommended’ are what I personally feel the more important parts to write, don’t neglect them. Others with ‘Optional’ marking are less recommended to writ; if filled, will give additional information about you.

1.       Story

    • Tagline: Describe yourself in one sentence, like who you are, what you do (your job position) (Recommended)
    •  Introduction: Briefly describe yourself, keep in mind that the person who is going to view your profile is completely stranger to you; thus you must have to illustrate yourself in brief. You can say about yourself, who you are, what you do as well as if you want, you can recommend other Google+ users that you want to be circled by other peoples. (Recommended)
    •  Bragging Right: Specify anything that made you proud or any moment by which you’ve self-satisfied in past/present. (Optional)

 2.      Education

    • It’ll by more impressive if you provide your educational qualification in short; it doesn’t matter whether you’ve higher degree or not, you just have to show that you are skilled. (Recommended)

 3.      Basic Information

    • Gender: Don’t be shy to say who you are. (Optional)
    • Looking for: Check the boxes that match with your requirement. (Optional)
    • Birthday: You’ve born with it, so say it. (Optional)
    • Relationship: You can specify your relationship status but it’s all up to you. (Optional)
    • Other names: Come on you must have it, too many or at least one. (Optional)

 4.      Links

    • Google+ link: Your vanity URL will appear here. (Automatic)
    • YouTube: If you’ve linked your YouTube channel with Google+, it’ll automatically appear here. (Automatic)
    • Other Profiles: A place to mention your other profile links like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Yahoo etc. and any other you want. It’ll help peoples to discover your original profile/s on other social networking sites. (Recommended)
    • Contributor to: If you’ve created any page or curetting any page, if you’ve any community or moderating any community then you can indicate it here. Also you mention about you’ve own website, blog or making contribution on someone else’s website/blog. (Optional)
    • Links: You can put here any other links you may want to show others. (Optional)

 5.      Contact Information

    • Home: You can provide your contact information like mobile, email, fax, etc. which you use for home purpose. At least writing your email address and verifying it creates a good impression. (Optional)
    • Work: Similar to above, this one is for work purpose. (Optional)

 6.      Work

    • Occupation: Let other peoples know about your current profession. (Optional)
    • Skills: Obviously you must have any kind of skills, from professional level to basic level, from educational level to extracurricular activities. It’s not necessary that you must have mastery in that, it’s just for fun and to show others what extra you know. (Optional)
    • Employment: If you’ve previously employed anywhere then mention it here. It’ll indicate your professional career so far in short. (Optional)

 7.       Places

    • If you want you can state your current residence as well as places you’ve traveled, lived or your native place here. (Optional)

 8.      Apps

    • If you log in to any application via your Gmail address it’ll automatically gets added in this section, it’s your decision whether to show this to others or not. If shown, people will know what apps you’re using and if they are not using them, they possibly will try it. (Optional)

 9.      People

    • In your circle: The people you’re following/added to your circle can be show to others, either all circles or choosing only specific circles. It’ll definitely help others, especially to newbie; some interesting peoples to follow. (Optional)
    • Have you in circle: Peoples who are following you/ have added you in their circle will be shown here. (Optional)

 10.   Visibility of sections

    • For any parts mentioned above, it’s up to you whether you want to show it publicly, to your circles, to extended circles, or only you. The most preferred option is to show it publicly so that, there’ll be no confusion about for others. Similarly for Photos, +1s and video section.


That’s all about each part of ‘About’ section; I’m stopping this post here. Once you’ve set all this, you’ll be ready to go on next level.

In conclusion

If you want peoples to follow/add you, you’ve to do the same. Start by feeling your ‘About’ section; more you write (specific) about yourself, more the peoples will know you and more the chances to get followed by others.

What do you think? Comment your opinions, experience or questions/suggestions (if any) below.

Need more help? Write an email to me with detail explanation, I’ll try my best to answer your query.


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