Optimize Google+ posts to get more visibility and interaction

Usually making any post on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, people just focus on sharing something without paying much attention to the content or optimization of the post. This tendency persist on Google+ and that’s why for many newcomers who have lately started using Google+ find it hard to get their content noticed by their audience. The main cause behind it is, the way you publish your content. Your content could be anything like photography, article, blog etc. but it’ll get people’s attention only when posted in sophisticated manner. In other words, you should think like a skilled person and that should be seen in your posts. Continue reading

5 Benefits of Google+ ‘About’ Section

I’ve been using Google+ for two years and what I’ve strongly observed is that a lot of peoples/newcomers don’t take it seriously to fill their Google+ about section. The information you can see on their profile is only whether the person is male/female, some insufficient descriptive lines and that’s all. It decrease your chances to get added by most of the peoples who gives much importance to see a better or at least a good profile and I’m one of them. If you’re interested in quality content, interacting with the peoples who appreciate your hard work then it’s vital to look at your own profile first. Continue reading

Google+ notification circle – Why it’s better choice?

If you’re a long time user of Facebook, LinkedIn or other such social media sites, you probably getting links and comments for almost every posts and never faced trouble to get your friends attention on your posts. Conversely on Google+, it’s not that easy. If you compare with other social networking sites, you’ll find that Google+ is optimized for literally everyone, for any type of posts and enhanced layout to catch people’s attention. As a result, peoples from verity of fields using Google+ not only to chat, re-share GIFs and such immature thinks but to share original creativity, discoveries, advice/help and such valuable thinks. Continue reading

How to verify wordpress blog on Pinterest

You’ve created your blog on wordpress.com and started writing some posts but don’t know how to keep track on your published posts. Though wordpress provides you significant amount of stats, it’s necessary to get other information regarding your blog. For that and other purposes, wordpress.com provides some tools by which you can collect all other information about your blog.

Once you’ve created your blog on wordporess.com, it’s important to manage it and keep an eye on the progress of your blog posts. For that reason, you’ve to verify your wordpress.com blog with any/all of the tools available in wordpress. There are three tools given namely, Google Webmaster Tools, Bing Webmaster Tools and Pinterest Site Verification in order to verify your blog. In this post, I’m going to tell you the process of verifying your blog using Pinterest Site Verification. Continue reading